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22nd september at 19:00

Above Seltjörn in Breiðholt


The Spring

In between the elementary school Seljaskóli and the Hólmasel pond in Reykjavík’s suburb, Breiðholt, is a small public park. Across this park is a ditch and across this ditch are two bridges. A spring was originally supposed to run through this ditch and under these two bridges, but the project was left unfinished.

The dancer and choreographer, Selma Reynisdóttir lived close to this park for the first eighteen years of her life. For almost two decades she walked around this park, imagining a parallel universe where a spring would run through this ditch and under these two bridges. Now it is time for Selma to run through this ditch and under these two bridges, as the spring that never became.

This event is not only an attempt to add moisture to a pretty dry ditch, but also an attempt to consider the history and existence of Breiðholt, about public spaces that never became and fantasies in Reykjavík’s suburbs.


How to get there:
You can f.ex. take bus number 3 and 12. If it is possible the host recommends taking bus number 3, going out at the bus stop called “Hólmasel.” You can also take bus number 12 and go out at a bus stop called Flúðasel, but then you have to walk for almost 10 min. To find the location it is best to look up “Hólmasel” and walk towards the elementary school “Seljaskóli” (see picture) from Hólmasel. If you arrive by car it is best to park by Seljaskóli’s elementary school sports hall.

The event is free and wheelchair accessible. The event starts at 19.00 and ends at 20.00.

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