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Third occurence of the Reacclimatizations project initiated in 2018, the site-attentive and flower-sensitive performance-installation consists of the live realization of three floral arrangements in three vases designed by Pertti Santalahti in the 1970s (Kasvimaalla series), and of three sceno-photo graphic montages based on the flower compositions.


Vincent Roumagnac (DA) is a Helsinki-based Basque-French artist and researcher. Initially trained as an actor and a director, Roumagnac drifted away from “straight theatre”'s infrastructures and regimes of production to look at how the notion and practice of the “stage” transform through contemporary climate-morphing and techno-ecological conditioning. For this, he has proposed, and had been implementing with, the tentative ecodramaturgical notions of “redirecting/deepening/reacclimating” the stage, and “reecologizing” theatre. In parallel, Vincent has been practicing floral design, based on the techniques learnt in his youth in a family of florists and gardeners, and on the practice of ikebana he has developed during several stays in Japan. His work is currently supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

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