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<<Earth>> Forces explores the act of slowness and taking /creating time, especially slowness and sensitization in our relations to the forest, nonhuman movements, plants and off grid-existence. The project borrows and deconstructs the aesthetics of the military, exploring the concepts of safety, emergency, security, ecosystems, planetary being(s)ness, heritage, care and healing through varying actions. We ask how we should exist and work and what we should fight for from a nonviolent standpoint.

One of the main concepts of project <<Earth>> Forces, is to explore the act of slowness and taking /creating time. We want to take slowness, slowing down and rest (in finnish “Lepo” which is a pun intended related to the finnish name of our project) in the core of the practice. We suspect, but remain open to other consequences, that through rest -  a potential to empowerment, activated energy and deep focus is possibly being born/re-discovered. In Mustarinda we dream to explore things that encourage slowness and give space for more dreaming. We wish to dive into nonlinear deep time. Slow down sensations to allow blood cells to course with electrical flow.

Aino & Meri

Aino Johansson is a multidimensional artist, forest activist and environmental educator, who is at the moment inspired by butoh dance and nonhuman life. She explores the relations of intimate experience, planetary state of our ecosystems, and collectivity through materiality, corporality and their immaterial resonances.

Meri Hietala is an eclectic artist and pedagog who creates performances, site specific installations, happenings and sound art. Her performances explore waste, dreams, ancestral lineages, collective organisms and skins as borders.


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