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Au (fin. elo) is a sidetrack from Laura Jantunen's four-part series called Four Seasons. Each part of the series is made during and under the influence of the season in question. The goal of each individual performance is to look at the spatial, atmospheric, bodily, and mental landscape of the season. Instead of focusing on a whole season, Au is about August, the month of harvest and the end of summer. Au is a condensed experience of August as a performance.
Laura Jantunen is a choreographer, dancer, and textile artist who gets excited about the changes in nature and living things. For her, the colors, the feel of the materials, movement and senses, as well as the gentle atmosphere of the location, bring immense joy.

At the center of her choreographic practise are Authentic movement and perception practices
which she uses as compositional tools in her choreographic work.


Photo: Liina Aalto-Setälä

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