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“Withweather” is a performance-research project that approaches weather as an endless event, a circumstance and a dance that is both visible and invisible. A choreographic agent full of movement that allows our collective and internal states to shift with it. Weather could be a stage, a medium for the performer and audience to encounter. 
I don’t want to understand weather. I want to stand under the weather and to stand with it, move with it. Then weather could also be talked about, there could be space to just talk about weather. And then there would also maybe be space to talk with weather.


“Withweather” is initiated by Pääsky Miettinen, a Finnish performance artist and writer. Pääsky is educated as a dance artist (Danish National School of Performing Arts), but their work also moves through fields of poetry, dramaturgy and ecology, and especially intersections of these. At the root of Pääsky’s investigations is the body - its sensitivity and performative potential.


Photo: Sigrid Andréasson

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