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31st Aug - 3rd Sept

10:00 - 14:30

Registration at

In this workshop we will investigate the practice of dancing for plants. We will collectively try to discover and unfold the human-plant relationship through dancing, writing, drawing and singing.  We will try to decolonize our imagination and listen to the stories the plants are helping us to host. Dancing for plants can be seen as a community, a performance, an act of care, a wish to learn and de-learn.  


The workshops wish to offer an active learning-space as we learn through engaging physically, through movement, through dance and rendering an already existing relationship visible and fueling it. After dancing we will practice re-telling our experience of dancing for plants with each other. As a facilitator I will strive to make the workshop open to different strategies to engage in this collective question on what it means to dance for plants based on the participants' own questions and personal experiences.


You do not need any dance or art background to participate in the workshop. Just a curiosity and interest in the theme we are working with. We will be moving, but it will be in relation to the bodies present in space and their physical and emotional situatedness. The workshop is striving to be accessible to anybody and any body. If you have any questions in relation to this or other questions to the workshop in general feel free to get in touch with the facilitator Kat, on:  


Workshop will be at Dansverkstæðið from 31st August  - 3rd September between 10: 00-14: 30.

The space is wheelchair accessible.

About dance for plants


dance for plants is an international dance collective and research group dedicated to the creation and articulation of the practice of dancing for plants. Together they dance to investigate and explore the complex and multiple relationships humans entertain with their plants. Their stage is where these stories are told and made more visible.


About Kat Staub


Kat Staub is a choreographer and dancer. Within the practice of facilitating through making and performing dance to developing experimental formats, the essential matter for Kat is unfolding in the question of what it means to have knowledge on the body. From an eco-feminist and personal-political perspective she investigates dance and storytelling as tools to dismantle patriarchal structures from within. She holds a BA in choreography from the University of Arts in Berlin. 

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