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23rd July at 12:00

Esja parkinglot

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Walking bare feet on a warm dirt trail. Lying in dewy grass. Sitting on a smooth and strong tree trunk and feeling the power. To float on clear still water. Taking a shower with all the potted plants and feeling them stroking your calves. Pushing your hand down into the dry hot moss. Allowing a mountain spring to tickle your body. Finding the smell of arctic thyme. To love the earth. To fall in love with nature and become one with it.

Embark on an arousing journey with Iris and allow yourself to experience the earth as your lover.

Iris is a performance artist and curator who has worked with women's bodies and lives in her work. She emphasizes on pleasure, taboo, shame and longing. Women’s right to do what they want with their bodies and their lives has been the starting point in Iris' work. Among other things, she has collected and published women's masturbation stories and held story circles where stories related to the subject are told. Made a radio play about older women and their right to be sexual beings and a show about women who choose not to have children that premiered on Lókal 2021. Her work at Plöntutíð 2022, Ecosexuality, focuses on all genders, on humanity itself and its relation to nature.

Extra insight
Ecosexuality or sexecology is based on the idea of ​​nature as a lover and encourages people to look at the earth as a loved one instead of a resource that can be used. One could turn the example around and consider what it would be like to think of one's spouse as a resource instead of a lover. Certainly there are many beautiful things that we associate with the word resource. We envision beautiful and rewarding nature when we talk about a natural resource. But a resource always indicates something that can be used to its advantage, whether it is to be admired or to be utilized, and does not necessarily encourage giving in return. For nature itself, it would be more appropriate if we treated it as a lover that we respect and love and want to see grow and prosper.

The women behind the concept and movement (sex ecology or ecosexuality) are Beth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle. Artists who wanted to make the environment of activism more fun with all kinds of performances, humor and sex positivity.

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