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Invisible Microbial Painting is a participatory performance exploring the human body as a multi-species entity, garden in a skin bag. The piece handles the interaction with microbes and explores microbes on the skin. In physical exercises, we use "brushes" made of different materials.


Like microbes often, this painting is also invisible. It’s more important to feel than see: touch reveals the meeting place of different microbial ecosystems, where microbes date each other. The Invisible Microbial Painting is tributing the invisible not-so-human agency in our bodies. The piece is part of the practice of Microbial Whispering, in which the subtle whispers of the body’s microbes are tried to hear (=feel) by deepening body awareness.


Duration: approx.45min. Max.19 persons.


Oona Leinovirtanen (artist, sociologist) currently works on an art-based dissertation on humans, microbes, and the soil in a Permaculture garden. Sculpture, performance, and video as methods.

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