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Kasviaika í Finnlandi leitar að listamönnum


23. apr. 2022

Kasviaika calls for Finland based performance artists

We are happy to announce an open call for performance artists, playwrights, directors, dramaturgs and other performative artists to take part in the Kasviaika residency that will result in a public festival during August 2nd -16th.

Kasviaika is an ecocentric performance art festival organised by Mustarinda (FIN) and Plöntutíð (IS, DEN) in Hyrynsalmi. Kasviaika is an offspring of the Icelandic performance art festival Plöntutíð. Like Plöntutíð, Kasviaika serves as a platform for performance artists that have put nature at the forefront of their artistic practice. Kasviaika offers space, time and collegial support for artists to develop and showcase ecocentric works and experiments.

We are looking for Finland based artists that have been engaging with ecodramaturgy and have a clear idea about a project/experiment they want to develop, work on and share during Kasviaika.

Six artists will be chosen through the open call.

The chosen artist will be granted with

Residency period in Mustarinda on 2nd-16th August 2022

800 € Fee

Up to 200 € travel costs


Fill in the application form in english. Within your application please provide a CV and a description of your project you want to work on during the residency and showcase in Kasviaika festival.

Send application and support material by the end of May 8th.

Apply here!


About Plöntutíð

Plöntutíð creates space for experimental works that are centred around ecodramaturgy. Plöntutíð curates artists that work with live performances on topics related to nature, plants, animals, biodiversity, the ecosystem, planetary boundaries, the sixth extinction, sustainability and so forth. The festival celebrates the tradition of using unconventional environments for the performances and thereby drawing attention to these specific areas. Through the power and aesthetics of performance art we divert the human spectator towards nature and sentient beings. We question how well we know other species and how they are represented in theatre and performance arts. The festival was composed by performance artists that had to adapt to new circumstances, during a global pandemic, to secure their livelihood and freedom to artmaking

Plöntutíð’s first festival edition was held during September 4. - 6. in Reykjavík. Plöntutíð second edition took place in Reykjavík and Kópavogur in 2021, between the 3d - 5th of september with workshops taking place from the 23d of August to the 3rd of September.

This year Plöntutíð will for the first time research/explore what happens when the curatorial framework engages with another ecosyst. emWe are excited to see the results of expanding the idea of cross-cultural and international collaborations that focuses on the local. Plöntutíð and Mustarinda are therefore collaborating by undertaking the task of curating Kasviaika in the Finnish ecosystem with local artists and audiences.

Selection Process:

Artist selections are made by a group of Kasviaika organisers. We are mainly operating on a voluntary basis, and are therefore currently unable to give individual feedback on applications unfortunately.

We aim to select applicants from all stages of their practice who we believe would benefit from the Kasviaika project, the Mustarinda house, its environment, and their fellow residents. We intend to bring together artists that can support each other, as well as creating space for discussions and interactions between different cultural, educational, and economic backgrounds, identities, and ways of thinking.

Slow Travel:

It is critical in our time to continually reduce our carbon footprint and impact on a local and global scale. We encourage our collaborators to travel by more ecological means and consider the time afforded through slower travel as a part of rethinking global mobility as a part of their practice. We can provide a supporting letter wherever necessary to help with realising this.


We follow current governmental regulations in our work, and we reserve a right to change the programme in case of changed regulations.

We expect selected artists to follow the government advice and recommendations regarding the vaccinations, testing & possible quarantining.

Accessibility Information From Mustarida

The Mustarinda House has facilities on two floors and in separate buildings in the yard. More info about accessibility in Mustarinda:

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