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Have you been working on a performance with your plants? Your pet or wild animals? Have you been soothing your global warming anxieties with your performance and theatre making toolkit? 

Dear performance artists, Plöntutíð is now open for applications!


Plöntutíð (e. Plant times) is a performance art platform in Iceland that organizes a festival during the 3rd- 5th of September 2021 in Reykjavík and Kópavogur. Events mostly take place outside: in artist’s backyards, gardens, greenhouses, forests, places you hadn’t thought of, and online. If you are working with live performances on topics related to: nature, plants, animals, the ecosystem, planetary boundaries, sixth extinction, sustainability etc. this is the festival for you. We are accepting proposals until March 7th.

Exhibition fee 100.000isk will be paid for the chosen works.

Who can apply? : Performance and Theatre makers, Actors, Dancers, Directors, Choreographers, Playwrights, Visual Artists and other artists working with happenings, live installations and live performances.

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