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4th Sept. 20:30

Skeljanesi 21



They are silent, beautiful, flexible, delicate but still strong and resilient. The opposite of our wild instincts. Plöntusnúður spins the decks for humans and plants in perfect humidity while humans release their inhibitions in a nurturing environment.
Plants and humans party together! Plöntusnúður is a soundscape that will be premiered in Tóma rými on the 4th of September, but later released for streaming so it will be possible to party with your own plants at home.

About the artists.

The performers are Eva Halldóra Guðmundsdóttir and Vigfús Karl Steinsson.Eva Halldóra Guðmundsdóttir is an educated performance maker and singer. Vigfús Karl Steinsson is a DJ and musician. Together we are Eyrð. Soundscapes, music and the effects of sound occupy our minds. We are greatly influenced by disco and the message of the genre as a whole. We believe in balance, equality and love. The goal of Eyrð is to research, work with and experience sound in a broad sense. By shaping and working with sound we have felt it’s influence. Not just on ourselves but on the environment as a whole. We try to control its effects but let go of the sound itself. Watch it flow into every fiber of our world and hopefully spread the message of love as widely as possible.

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