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Lóa Björk Björnsdóttir
Eygló Hilmarsdóttir
Salvör Gullbrá Þórarinsdóttir

How does your plant feel? How do you feel about that? Do you suspect that she is missing something? It could be that she is not getting enough artistic stimulation. In order for a plant to thrive and prosper, it not only needs soil, a pot, water, nourishment and sun, but it also needs music, performance art, and various stimuli. In the anthropocentric age, we venture into unknown paths where plants are spectators, not humans.

Remember to bring your plant!

Plantasía í bakgarði á Borgarstí


Moss and me

Vala Höskuldsdóttir

Moss and Me - A love story is a collaborative project between species. it owns two authors. person and moss. it's also a love story. The work is for spectator at a time. it's at my house. it's inward. it is for the few.


Andrea Elín Vilhjálmsdóttir
Gunnur Martinsdóttir Schlüter
Harpa Arnarsdóttir
Kara Hergils Valdimarsdóttir
Ragnheiður Erla Björnsdóttir

We invite you into our community that stands close together. We offer you into the closeness, nourishment and serenity that comes with our existence. We invite you under the bark…

BRUM is a new experiential work by Trigger Warning in the woods of Heiðmörk at the turn of the season in the autumn. The work deals with the relationship between man and trees. You go on an expedition led by the trees to experience what they have to say to you. It is good to show up in clothes depending on the weather, in good shoes with a small backpack, a water bottle, a small blanket and what you need for personal protective equipment.

BRUM í Heiðmörk.png

The plant resounds

Mannyrkjustöðin - Plantan ómar í Nesk
Service representatives:
Búi Bjarmar Aðalsteinsson
Hrefna Lind Lárusdóttir

Introductory meeting on plant-based choir. Have you always wanted to know how your inner plant sounds and / or get to know your inner plant voice? Now citizens of Reykjavík have the opportunity to discover and cultivate their inner plant sounds.

Mannyrkjustöð Reykjavíkur welcomes you to the first introductory meeting in Neskirkja. The voice and physical activity of each plant group will be introduced and their sound will be examined.

Four generations

Kolfinna Nikulásdóttir

Mom and Grandma and I all live together. Grandma lives on the first floor, Mom on the second and third floors, and my husband and I and our two children in the backyard. Four generations in the same house number. I don't know if this is healthy. Living like this all together. It's like I did not break the umbilical cord from my mother, and not even my mother with my grandmother. My daughter roams freely between apartments and my grandmother sometimes says that she has three homes. It gets on my nerves because this is not true, she only has one home.

Fjórar kynslóðir.jpg


Cristina Agueda
Mars M. Proppé
Matthías Löve
Stefán Nordal
Salka Gústafsdóttir
Þorgeir Sigurðsson
Fjórar kynslóðir
Plantan ómar
Moss ad me
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